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Posted by KlayTitan - 1 month ago


Okay, So I am officially accepting commissions again. I got a new updated sheet, I'm keeping it simple for now. with just Full body lines or shaded, or shaded Icons. I'm thinking 4 slots for now. It may take some time for me to respond.

For full Resolution and layered versions of all my art, consider subscribing to m SubscribeStar at https://subscribestar.adult/klaytitan 

I also have a Ko-Fi Tip jar if that is more your style at Ko-fi.com/klaytitan 

You can also find me on twitter @KlayTitan


Posted by KlayTitan - 1 month ago

(I'm pretty much going to copy/paste what I posted to twitter)

So I decided to set up a Subscribe Star for my art. It's rather simple for now, But getting some financial support so I can keep drawing, and draw more would be great. Sharing this is greatly appreciated


The plan right now it to hopefully have 2-3 complete drawings done per month, and if you sub, you get the full resolution images, Works in progress, and layered versions of my artwork. for now the the $1 tier is for SFW, and the $5 tier is for NSFW.

I do not plan on making exclusive art for but If I get enough people asking for it, I may add that as a reward. It would mostly likely be exclusive to subs for limited time. If you want more details or have feedback let me know.

There is also a 10 post limit a day, and I have exceeded that, so I will add more tomorrow.


Posted by KlayTitan - July 21st, 2019

So I'm currently at a point where I want to work on my overall passion project, but I need a place where I can make and control a information hub if you will that will also allow me to use it as a creative tool. A place where I can post lore explanations and character bios, Drawings/art and writings and random ideas while being able to link to other places on the same site/page or whatever, you know just like a Wiki, but I don't want randos editing it because it's a personal project that I am in the process of creating, but also want to share to potentially receive feedback and constructive criticism on. The real solution I can only think of is just to make my own dang website, but I don't really have the money for that currently. And google is not being much help. there are some "private wiki" websites and I'm looking into those, but it's just frustrating to say the least..

TL;DR - I want a Wiki for my personal pet project, but I don't want random people editing it.


Posted by KlayTitan - June 10th, 2019

Just want to say I'm cool with re-posts of anything I draw, on like rule34 or any other booru like website, I only ask that you tag my name, KlayTitan and link back to my Newgrounds gallery or the original post in the source.



Posted by KlayTitan - April 10th, 2019

As the title says, I set up a Ko-fi to take requests for sketches. I'll pretty much do whatever, including NSFW, they won't be uploaded to Ko-Fi if they are NSFW, but I'll just upload them here instead.


Posted by KlayTitan - December 3rd, 2018

Just as a FYI, feel free to give constrcutive criticism or feedback on anything I draw, I'm always looking to impove so any pointers or advice is apperciated.


Posted by KlayTitan - November 20th, 2018

Welcome to my newgrounds page

Ive been drawing for quite a while on and off, and I decided I wanted to take it more seriously since I find joy out of that more than anything else really. The stuff in my gallery is currently the same stuff that I have posted on Deviantart page, but this should eventually host more adult art that is not particularlly allowed on DA, and for some reason tumblr has now taken a stance against NSFW art in general.

As for other things, I have a twitter, which I am pretty much always on. either commenting on random things, or liking art by, at this point, hundereds of drawing by talented people everyday. I also think I'm going to start posting more WIP are there.

anyway, if you like what I draw, go ahead on followe me on here, and/or on Twitter, and on DA if you only care about the more tame stuff.