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 Below is a bit of writing I did, I had a family member look over it for grammatical errors, but I would still consider it a heavy WIP and it is for sure unfinished. Feedback would be appreciated but not expected, this is mainly just share.

The creaking of a heavy wooden door lets a dim light wash away the darkness scattering it back into the reaches of a large room. Flickering, from a large and heavy oil lantern held by a cloaked figure, the light drifts in slowly and without sound. The silhouetted person moves in quietly, sets the lantern on the floor with a light clank, turns around and pushes the door with both hands slowly, trying to not break the silence, but the old wooden door has had a long life and has much to complain about. It creaks and moans with the movement until the latching mechanism makes a loud thunk. The figure waits for a moment then sighs with relief. Turning their attention away from the door they pick up their illuminated companion and pause for a moment. The darkness floods the room except for the orange glow from the lantern. The light forms a circle upon the dusty wooden floor as well as the exposed toes of our barefoot adventurer. With reluctance and a bit of fear in their stomach the shadowed one takes slow steps towards the blackness, their feet making light patting on the wooden planks with each step. The floor is creaky just like the room's doorway, and the occasional groan and squeak of old wood causes the figure to pause and survey their surroundings as if they expect someone or something to jump out at them any moment. 

The light has trouble penetrating the inky shadows devouring the room but some vague shapes can be made out. Tall rectangles line the walls that seem to be split vertically by equal distances apart that disappear into the darkness as they creep ever higher and higher. Tables, chairs and other furniture dot the surroundings with no real sense of organization or particular arrangement. Even darker shadows stretch into the distance from the lantern’s glow, everything is dusty and appears to have been empty and unused for a good length of time. 

After some studying the surrounding area as much as possible in the dim light of the lanterns glow, the cloaked figure continues deeper into the room until they come to branching hallways with a multitude of directions that stretch infinitely into further darkness. The small cloaked shape sets the lantern on the floor again with a light clank and pulls out a folded piece of paper from inside their cloak. It was a tattered piece of parchment, the edges frayed from time and use. Stains cover the document too discolored and old to identify. Pale, soft hands start to unfold the parchment revealing crude yet detailed scribbles and writing that formed a map or sorts. The light from the lantern glowing through the paper makes the markings stick out and makes it easier to see but time has not been kind. The Ink is faded and much of it is illegible. The cloaked figure stares at it for a moment, then glances up and then left, and then right, then looks back at the parchment, flips it around the opposite direction. After a bit more staring at the map and also in random directions one of the figures' pale hands starts to trace along the markings as if it wants to absorb the knowledge for itself then taps at a particularly strange shape. The figure quickly and rather sloppy refolds the parchment and stuffs it back into their cloak, picks up the lantern and starts walking in one of the multiple similar looking directions with a bit of a quicker pace and more determination than before. 

Whether it was a burst of courage or excitement our cloaked explorer seems to know exactly where they are going even though everything is cloaked in murkiness and undefined shapes. A few minutes of wandering the darkness with similar surroundings and endless creaking floorboards. Our figure finally comes to a stop at a seemingly similar scene as the rest of this labyrinth. The hooded figure goes towards one of the large sectioned rectangles pushing chairs and a table out of the way kicking up a cloud of dust. Appearing unconcerned with the particles of filth floating in the air, the figure places the lantern on the floor as it lights up a gigantic bookshelf. The cloaked figure starts to look at the spines of the books, but it’s so dark and dusty that the spines are impossible to read. Clearly unsatisfied with that search method the figure starts taking the old dusty books from their places on the shelves. 

The figure takes a book at random, opens it, blows the dust off and then peruses the pages for a bit then closes it back up and it puts it back where they found it. This goes on for what seems like an anxiety inducinting eternity until the cloaked figure slams a rather thick hardcover on the shelf, causing it to shake and creak. The dust flies up and all around and causes the cloaked figure to cough and take a step back. After a moment the cloak figure fumbles with the parchment again, and opens it up and goes back to the strange symbol. The figure runs a finger over the symbol and tries to hold it up to the light as closely as possible. The faded ink is hard to make out, especially in this light, but some there some words near the symbol that roughly translate to 

Those at the top look down on those below but in the bold lies true freedom.

The figure sighs and places the parchment back into their cloak and looks up the bookcase nearly straining their neck and falling over in the process. The top is obscured in darkness and there doesn't seem to be a ladder anywhere nearby, at least not enough time to go searching for one in this maze of a dusty old library. The only choice is to climb the shelves to reach their goal. Not one to leave the precious lantern, our cloaked figure picks it up and straps it to their belt. It's not exactly convenient but what other choice do they have?

With the lantern secured and their resolve emboldened they begin the slow climb up the bookcase. The figure ascends the shelf slowly, caked in the dust that they would prefer not to think about. The old wood and books shift and creak as they climb. The old book case is sturdy as a whole but each shelf is old and could give way at any moment. Shelf by squeaky shelf they climb as rows and rows of dusty old tomes and scrolls pass by. Many look like they cry out for rescue, longing to be taken for this darkness and read. The figure stops to take a rest and gives the surrounding scenery a good look around, but there isn't much to see. Darkness in every direction except the vague shapes of more book shelves across the hallway. The floor was swallowed up by darkness beneath them. There was no turning back from this point, a fall from this height could prove deadly so the only choice was to keep going up. 

With their trusty lantern companion and their pale hands and feet dusty and sore they finally reach the top of the tower of books and wood. The dust is particularly thick up here and the cloak figure has just about had enough of it, kicking a bunch off the ledge they set the lantern down on the shelf and sit next to it. The figure gives the basin for the oil a few gould taps to gauge how full it is. The metal sound does not echo back that much, and taking that as a good sign the cloaked figure rummages back into their cloak for the map. This poor document has been through a lot this night and would be rather displeased with not being folded up correctly and shoved into a dark cloak if it had feelings anyway. The cloaked figure reads the map again and then looks around the top of the shelf. Seeing nothing of interest they lay the map down on the top of the shelf and lower themselves down a few sections to look at some of the books. None of them really stand out except one with a red spine and no cover. Curiosity gets the better of the figure and pulls the book off the shelf and climbs back up to the top with the book in hand. Before looking at the book the figure refolds the map, correctly this time, and puts it back in their cloak, then sits next to their lantern with the red book. It's a rather large book and the figure slowly brushes the dust off the cover golden lettering glistens in the lantern light. The figure places the book on their lap and brings up their pale hands to their hood and slowly pulls it back. A reflection of light reveals a pair of large round glasses and a small pointed nose with full dull pink lips, the same pale skin of the hands adorns their face where large emerald green eyes sparkle in the orange light of the lantern. Light tears pool under them as the hood continues to pull back revealing crimson red hair that springs out covering part of the face and two long pointed ears partly covered by long loosely tied side bits of hair drape down from the temples on each side, while the back of the hair flairs out from a large braided point tail that extends way past the waist.

Feaöura softly cries as tears drop on to the golden letter of the book she has been searching for, for so long. The golden letters upon the leather bound tome that reads True Legends of the Bold. It means more to her than anyone could possibly know. She wipes away the water from the cover and then opens the book revealing a hand written script on the inside of the cover.

To my Lovely Daughter

May these stories fill you with wisdom and a sense of adventure. The world has so much to offer and it is my hope that you see and enjoy as much of it as you can. It can be scary and I won’t always be there to protect you, but my love always will, and remember, just like Lionel those who are bold in the face of fear experience true freedom.

With all the Love in my heart, your mother, Mea

Fea, wipes the tears from her eyes and closes the book. She would like to read it now, but she knows the stories and there is no time. Pulling off a pack on her back, she stuffs the book inside and closes it up. Fea picks up her lantern and reattaches it to her belt for the climb down. She traced her path back down the bookcase using the cleared out dust from her previous climb as a guide. Nearing the bottom was a relief and Feaöura. The floor offered safety from the dizzying heights. As Fea stepped onto the next shelf a loud groan followed by a silence breaking crack. The tall bookcase started to lean forward, its anchor to the wall gave way, the weight and abuse from her climb was too much to bear. In the panic all Fae could do was brace for the impact. The shelf leaned and toppled and with a loud crash, slammed into the opposite book shelf causing Feaöura to fall to the floor. As her body made contact with the floor she let out a scream in shock and the lantern’s glass shattered exposing the flame to books and papers cluttered around and still falling and smashing into the floor. The noise was immense and echoed throughout the library and dust was flung all around that made a large cloud that obscured all vision. Fea was knocked senseless for a few minutes and was awoken by a heat coming from the fire started from her lantern. There was a more pressing matter as shouts and the clanking of armor and heavy boots were growing ever louder in her direction. Feaöura quickly got to her feat, flipped her hood back up, grabbed her broken, but thankfully still lantern, checked she still had the book and started running in the direction she came, following her footprints in the dust back to the door. It wasn't but a few seconds that a light was emerging from another hallway as well as the clanking and shouting sounds of guards coming to investigate the destructive noises in this unused library. As they rounded the corner they noticed two things, first they noticed the large fire engulfing the fallen bookcase and then Feaöura, who was just a dimly lit shadow in the darkness. Several guards shouted about the fire and others shouted about the intruder. Just then the largest of the guards shouted louder over everyone else 


“YOU THREE GET SOME WATER AND GO PUT OUT THAT FIRE NOW!!” The large knight roared then three smaller less armored guards saluted and said “Yes captain!” then ran off towards the darkness from which they came. 

“NOW THE REST OF YOU, GRAB THAT INTRUDER!” The knight pointed at Feaöura with a impossibly large pole axe 

Feaöura started to run off the direction she came from before the large knight could even finish their sentence. The other guards saluted and started to give chase, clanking, stomping and yelling after her. 

The guards set to fetch water returned with large barrels and a few more guards that showed up along the way including some mages and they got to work putting out the fire with buckets of water and conjuring spells. 

“Good” the knight exclaimed and then started walking in the direction Feaöura ran off in. Then eventually picking up speed, and then into a full sprint. The knight was fast, which was impressive in the heavy plate armor that coated their entire body. And they quickly caught up to the guards they sent a few minutes before who still had Fea in their sights. They slowed down to the pace the other guards were running. 

“Listen men, we want to capture this intruder not kill them!” 

“Yes Capitan!” they say in unison and then they all speed up with the capitan taking the lead. 

It was at this point that Feaöura finally reached the large junction and began to turn but as she did the captain leaped up with the large pole axe over their head and slammed the blade down towards Fea barely missing her and smashing through the wooden floor like butter. Feaöura let out a yelp and started running faster one guard called out “Oi I thought we were capturing them Captin’ not samshin’ them!”. Fea wondered the same thing and continued to dash off towards the old wooden door fearing for her life. The capitan continues to give chase , slashing at Feaöura’s back as ducks, dodges and jumps out of the way. The heavy poleaxe slams into shelves and tables sending wood splinters, books, papers and dust flying in every direction. The amount of destruction caused by the knight far outweighs any that Fea caused with the accidental fire. 

Fea finally reached the door and began trying to pull it open but she was too slow and the door was too heavy. The captain makes a move and swings the pole axe towards Fea who ducks just in time as it smashes through the old door, and catapults Fea who was still holding onto the handle into a brightly lit hallway Fea tumbled with parts of the door in a heap. The captain stomps over to Fea and picks her up by the collar as the other guards catch up. 

The same guard as before speaks up “Captain, you got them!” 

“STOW IT SOLDIER! And start cleaning up this mess!” the captain barks at the guards and after saluting they start picking up pieces of wood and other things scattered about. The captain then turns their attention back to Fea who is just coming around. And Starts to struggle to try and get away “It’s impossible to break free now little one” The captain says and then brings Feaöura close to her helmet and whispers 

“Hey, hit me” Fea stops struggling

“What?” Fea Questions

Still in a whispered voice, the Captain

“I know it’s you Miss Fea, hit me with your lantern and use that as a distraction to run away” 

“But I..”

“No buts, there’s no time, do it”

Fea hesitates for a moment but takes her lanter from her belt pretending to struggle then smashes it against the captain's helmet, shattering the lantern's base spilling the oil all over the captain's armor and the flame instantly spreads across it. 

The Flames spread across the captain's armor quickly and they dropped Feaöura to the ground. The other guards drop what they are doing and scramble to help their boss. They start batting at the fire and or fiddling with the armor to take it off and in all the confusion Fea stands up and starts to run with tears in her eyes. Her legs and feet ached, the splinters in her soles and hands stung, but not as much as the heartbreak for hurting her friend. Feaöura scampered down hallways and took many turns till she knew she was no longer being followed. Fea hid in a storage closet to take a rest for a few minutes and slumped against the wall, tears still streaming down her face. Fea was worried about the captain, even though it appeared that they tried to kill her she knew that it was all an act to help her get away. She was also worried about the library and the fire, but she was also sure the guards could take care of it. She sat there for a while in the dark picking at the splinters in her hands while the sounds of the warning bells continued to ring out throughout the castle. Fea eventually peaks out the closet and looks around, not seeing anyone on site; she then snuck out and scurried as silently as possible. The castle was large and complicated, and many of the areas did not see a lot of foot traffic much anymore, but an occasional housekeeper, guard, or worker would pass by and Fea would need to hide somewhere. Eventually Fea made it to her intended destination, the main living quarters for the royal family, heavily guarded and especially with the ruckus and warning bells going off there were many servants and other people bustling about and guards talking about the fire in the old western library that was off limits and about a would be cloaked intruder to a group of maids who where gasping about the fresh new gossip. The castle may be large but news travels fast. The guards were talking about the fire being taken care of but the Captain was attacked by the intruder, and the maids gasped and started whispering to each other. Fea hoped that the captain was okay, but needed to get past the guards, luckily they were somewhat distracted and there was an open window behind them. The maids however would see her as soon as she attempted to get out of it. 

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